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My enemy Became My Slave 

My Story Animated
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10 Sau 2020





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Tesla Model 3
Tesla Model 3 Prieš 3 minutes
She worked at hooters
Arianna .-.
Arianna .-. Prieš 5 minučių
This is just like the story of Keichou wa Maid Sama
The Fish
The Fish Prieš 15 minučių
I believe this is like a uno reverse Stockholm syndrome
Luc Animates001
Luc Animates001 Prieš 35 minučių
Ugh people obsessed over me in that weird maid costume! Eh.. I actually didn’t mind
Muse Lucy
Muse Lucy Prieš 35 minučių
Why this sound like Maid Sama?!...
Mahina Arefin
Mahina Arefin Prieš 39 minučių
this sounds like the anime made sama
Akossiwa Adote
Akossiwa Adote Prieš 40 minučių
Osian Evans
Osian Evans Prieš 41 minutę
Gold digger
galactic worm
galactic worm Prieš 50 minučių
Pedophiles and underaged prostitution of girls?? Okayyyyy??
Totally Mimikyu
Totally Mimikyu Prieš 50 minučių
the dad went to get the milk i guess
Rainbow Bubbles
Rainbow Bubbles Prieš val
This is just like maid sama on Netflix
Yazmin Hernández correa
Why does this sound like the anime samma maid idk but this is like the anime
Jel TEX Prieš val
Stefania Angelopoulou
That's maid sama
AkiToku Prieš val
Faiqah Anaum
Faiqah Anaum Prieš val
This is literally "Maid sama" 🤦‍♀
Subway Sandwiche
Subway Sandwiche Prieš 2 val
Who else thinks she’s a bad person
Cool Dj12133
Cool Dj12133 Prieš 2 val
Let me guess corn
Åvākīñ Møøñlīght
She sounds like Carmen king
Jeff Robertson
Jeff Robertson Prieš 2 val
Became. You. Willl
Michael Fagan
Michael Fagan Prieš 3 val
does anybody else realize there all jerks?
Justin Venevongsoth
Justin Venevongsoth Prieš 3 val
This is the only story I think is real because of the girl using him to buy shit lmaoooo
Sarah E.S.
Sarah E.S. Prieš 3 val
My story animated: here to provide you cringe since who knows when EDIT: omg this is under the EDUCATION category how is education
Sameth Heng
Sameth Heng Prieš 4 val
what happen to your mom did you leave her poor
lucas sharman
lucas sharman Prieš 4 val
Why go on his laptop your a dousche appreciate his gayness with that guy
Kgh Ferro
Kgh Ferro Prieš 4 val
Do I really need to point out everything wrong in this video
An icecream
An icecream Prieš 5 val
Arent they in high school??
An icecream
An icecream Prieš 4 val
I feel like she's the "Im nOt LiKe oThEr GiRlS"
mnika voli
mnika voli Prieš 4 val
"ALL THE GIRLS ARE JELOUS OF ME" me=oh youre that type 😕
altheajoycebisnar bisnar
this like like the anime "maid sama" 😂😂
Adam Kvist
Adam Kvist Prieš 5 val
mnika voli
mnika voli Prieš 4 val
Laila Wheeler
Laila Wheeler Prieš 6 val
Has she slept with a hanger in her mouth or what?😑
Al Alvarez
Al Alvarez Prieš 6 val
wow you sound like a show off I would've give you a thumba down but i love this channel so i cant this is how much people think you're a show of ⬇️
Laila Wheeler
Laila Wheeler Prieš 6 val
And she sais she's not easy....
ROADmaster Masterjmpg
Christian A Hoper
Christian A Hoper Prieš 7 val
why is she beaing mean to her dad the men that are waching this
Dumb Kid
Dumb Kid Prieš 7 val
Next: How Satan became my slave
goddesroer Bynum
goddesroer Bynum Prieš 7 val
Im not even jokeing even the age when the dad left is copeyd from an anime
Hussein Salame
Hussein Salame Prieš 7 val
Hvad er dit tweet automat😡😡😡😡😡
Hussein Salame
Hussein Salame Prieš 7 val
Body twitch made😡😡😡😡
Hussein Salame
Hussein Salame Prieš 7 val
Thicc_boi_shrek Prieš 8 val
"wHat'Re yoU doiNg dResSed liKe a stUpiD cAt, fAtTiE?!" "I tOld yOu tO lEaVe hiM aloNe, he'S miNe, yOu piG!"
Brihanna Mitchell
Brihanna Mitchell Prieš 8 val
Hungaryas Prieš 8 val
Forming ._. Rainbows
"ALL THE GIRLS ARE JELOUS OF ME" me=oh youre that type 😕
_¿¿¿_ Prieš 9 val
Haha this is just like a anime 😂🤣
Big Boi
Big Boi Prieš 9 val
I don’t blame your dad for leaving
Mirka Serna
Mirka Serna Prieš 9 val
why this be looking like princess peach
This reminded me of maid Sama (anima )
syeda fatima
syeda fatima Prieš 9 val
Anime fans be like:This is kaichou wa maid sama but creepy
Azeanti Johari
Azeanti Johari Prieš 10 val
I used to be popular and it sucks so now I'm a nerd 😊
Man go
Man go Prieš 11 val
4:50 aren’t they in HIGH SCHOOL???? 😑
Man go
Man go Prieš 11 val
Her: “WHAT A FILTHY JERK” Also her: “see’s that he’s REALLY rich”. Her again: I don’t mind if he touches me 3:50 Seriously though what a gold digger😑🤢
Solaris Mcbutton
Solaris Mcbutton Prieš 11 val
Isnt this an anime
Erone Naddamba
Erone Naddamba Prieš 11 val
You are so so so BBEEAAUUTIIFULLL!!!!!!!!
Kaden Kuszajewdki
Kaden Kuszajewdki Prieš 11 val
I hope the people who liked this video did it ironically.
Rose Tomson
Rose Tomson Prieš 11 val
I wanted to slap his face but I smiled instead
Memeanime_girl Meme
Memeanime_girl Meme Prieš 11 val
This sounds like a maid sama crap
karaspacecat Prieš 11 val
I feel like the two girls should be in a relationship-
Ellie’s Life
Ellie’s Life Prieš 12 val
what happened with her mum
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Prieš 12 val
"I worked as a Maid at a Maid Cafe" Me: This is basically "Kaichou wa Maid Sama" IRL
murp derp
murp derp Prieš 12 val
You don't want eny won to now that you are a maid you post a LTvid video...👏
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