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I Have Severe OCD | The Secret Life of Lele Pons 

Lele Pons
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It’s no secret Lele Pons is one of the most successful social media icons with over 40 million followers and considered an internet trailblazer for her contributions to various platforms. Known for her unfiltered videos, candid humor and crazy stunts, Lele’s storytelling arch takes a more serious tone as she opens up to the world with her deepest secret. Through access to private moments, emotional interviews and never seen before footage, Lele reveals her life long struggle with OCD among other mental health conditions and doesn’t shy away from the most intimate details of her battle.
If you or someone you know needs help, find resources in your area from the International OCD Foundation: iocdf.org/?s=+&post_type%5B%5D=iocdf_provider&post_type%5B%5D=iocdf_clinic&post_type%5B%5D=iocdf_support_group&post_type%5B%5D=iocdf_program&search-type=provider
Produced by: Shots Studios
Directed by: Alicia Zubikowski




19 Geg 2020





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Komentarai 80   
Lele Pons
Lele Pons Prieš 14 dienų
Thank you everyone for supporting me. I hope you enjoy this docu-series and learn about OCD, Tourettes, and other things. LIKE the video if you watch it! I'll see you next Tuesday for episode 2 :)
Flores E
Flores E Prieš 3 dienas
I love you and I Respect you
Kaitlan Gabbitas
Kaitlan Gabbitas Prieš 6 dienų
I am so sorry I love you lele u am crying because my cousin when thought the same thin I am sorry 😭😭😭I love u
Laura Schmidt
Laura Schmidt Prieš 10 dienų
I am your biges fan lele!
Eric Prieš 13 dienų
I love you lele pons
Jady Clovis
Jady Clovis Prieš 13 dienų
I love u Lele
Jeanette_ luv
Jeanette_ luv Prieš 53 minutes
I'm so sorry that u have to go thru this..
Tyler Haslam
Tyler Haslam Prieš 58 minučių
I think your awsome
Emma Laura Woodall
I am so sorry Lele, but your fans are still here for you and we always will be. You are beautiful, Hilarious, a great role model. I hope you know how incredible and awesome you are, I never knew this side of you but it is great how you are brave enough to share this on the Internet. I love you Lele ❤️
Iliana Cruz
Iliana Cruz Prieš val
Their is so many people that don't understand how difficult is to deal with OCD. OCD is something serious that you can't control is powerful that takes over everything. Lele i want you to stay strong and don't let this haters bring you down i and so mony other people supportive you so much❤.
Octavio Kantarcioglu
I don't remember asking.
sarina khoungarm khosh
Sam 30
Sam 30 Prieš val
Who cares?
Luckily I never thought bad about lele. I thought she was a amazing creator because no matter of how many people bully her, she keeps going
nobody cares
nobody cares Prieš val
Uhh its tuesday and you're video is private and i wan't to so it while primemiering
Louise Hansen
Louise Hansen Prieš val
❤ wish you the best for you.
Julianna McDowell
Lele your the best. I’m telling you now many people love you and wish that your ok. We know it’s tough but, we’re here for you. It’s ok.
Ash _0549
Ash _0549 Prieš val
I may not watch your content but I do understand what you are going through. Though our story's are different, we have many things in common. I have depression, anxiety, self-harm issues, body dysmorphia, gender dysphoria, and have been bullied many MANY times. I've been bullied physically, verbally and mentally. I had a friend who has tried to rape me and a old family friend who also tried to rape me. I have been through quite a lot, I just turned 14 and it feels as though I cant live anymore but I just keep pushing on. I've tried to commit suicide twice, I've cut hundreds of times, and I've been to a lot of therapy. I support and respect you for who you are, you are beautiful and strong, dont change for people, be who you want to be.
black widow
black widow Prieš val
Let me advertise this!
Chrisvegmeg410 Prieš val
You make better crocodile s than me
kmiki 2
kmiki 2 Prieš val
Thank you for sharing. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Candy Pablo- zacarias
Love you Lele❤️🥺
Allstar Prieš val
Shut up
Gray Girl on the Water
Had no idea who this chick was on the internet, I just knew she came out with a great song Volar. Just goes to show how big the world is, you think everyone is all up in your business or everyone’s hates you and yet there’s at least one person out there who doesn’t know any of that shit, they just like your music
NintendoJulius Prieš val
I ❤️ you Lele!! You’ve been making me laugh since I was a kid. You made life okay when it wasn’t, just because you made me laugh.
Marta Dikaua
Marta Dikaua Prieš val
I love u Lele ❤️❤️❤️❤️
andrew pawlak
andrew pawlak Prieš val
She is so beautiful 😳 wow... sorry about the ocd problem tho. I have it too pretty bad so I can relate
stxbility Prieš val
Aiden Weaver
Aiden Weaver Prieš val
I know one thing she doesn’t have the ability to make any one laugh
Shakina Glory
Shakina Glory Prieš val
You are sucha strong lady Lele. Will pray for the best in your life ❤️
I am slightly better than you
Didn't ask
Tightly Savage
Tightly Savage Prieš val
Not to be rude but you have a good editor or you are a good editor because you made every video like a TV show. Man that’s impossible
Solarswag Tt Alleyne
Oh my gosh I would have not had no idea that she had OCD she seems so happy to me and very funny I am so sorry u going through this but at the same time I LOVE U lele🥰
Tyrant Tree
Tyrant Tree Prieš val
Can you get out of my recommendations I have never watched any of your videos
Blackpink Prieš val
You must be a lil kid. Childish
elijah Prieš val
Bienfait Kikombe
Bienfait Kikombe Prieš val
I didn't know her, but I respect her honesty and I like how she turned her struggle into her success.
mxgic builds
mxgic builds Prieš val
Lele please help I your 3rd episode private for everyone ???
Selma Prieš val
Whoever makes fun of lele and thinks it’s funny you are the biggest JERK on the planet
Red Prieš val
Did I ask
Charlotte Coghiel
God bless you like I’m so sorry for what your going threw😩god bells you lele god bless you and your heart you deserve better😇🙃❤️💖
Eric Morales
Eric Morales Prieš val
Mami te amo y vamos a to
JetBlue 001
JetBlue 001 Prieš val
No one should be treated Barkley in real life or on the internet.
I have Tourette’s like severe Tourette’s and you don’t see me making a doc about it
Karolina Diljá
Karolina Diljá Prieš 2 val
I love u and u vil always haf a friend in me
anri Prieš 2 val
that explains it
Mackenzi Stringi
Mackenzi Stringi Prieš 2 val
I too have adhd and ocd. It’s very hard I know what u are going through. Love u so much lele 😇💙
TikTok Qweeen
TikTok Qweeen Prieš 2 val
I have some of the symptoms of OCD but I don’t think that I have it because I have Tourette’s too so it might be one of my tics. But idk tbh.
Jelaena Moreno
Jelaena Moreno Prieš 2 val
Oh my God Lele, I am also sorry. I have watched all of your videos, but I never knew you were going through this. 🥺🥺 That really sucks. But your strong, and you are a powerful woman, you can do anything
toxic_ credit
toxic_ credit Prieš 2 val
I have OCD. I have friends that joke about having OCD, and never listen to me when I say I have it-but it's hard when you make your self sit under water for a minute or when you just can't hold something in and you have to do it.
Janet Matos Matos
Janet Matos Matos Prieš 2 val
I feel so sad for you lele
Jacob Greenfield
Jacob Greenfield Prieš 2 val
LTvid is cracked
Maria Bogantes
Maria Bogantes Prieš 2 val
Te amo, eres demaciado valiente
kevin johnson
kevin johnson Prieš 2 val
Ive never heard of a man dealing with this
kevin johnson
kevin johnson Prieš 2 val
@Ty Chaney you need to take Bofa then bro!
Ty Chaney
Ty Chaney Prieš 2 val
kevin johnson yeah, because if we express it we will get judged. 🤷‍♂️
Maria Bogantes
Maria Bogantes Prieš 2 val
Lele we are here for you
-Draco Malfoy-
-Draco Malfoy- Prieš 2 val
I have severe OCD to, and it makes me feel a little bit better about my self ^
Just curious
Just curious Prieš 2 val
I'm still not a fan of the sketches because that's just not my type of humor, but I can respect Lele. I really appreciate seeing this side of her
Gursharan Kaur
Gursharan Kaur Prieš 2 val
Finaly someone is making it clear that OCD isn't a flipping joke
hoepocalypse savior
hoepocalypse savior Prieš 2 val
Wooooooow Lele along with almost everyone one in the world suffers from a health disorder
Traciee D
Traciee D Prieš 2 val
I have been suffering from OCD and Agoraphobia. I understand all too well. Blessing your way!
america boy
america boy Prieš 2 val
Thats sad i have 2 blind parents
deathwish playz
deathwish playz Prieš 2 val
Girl you put the video privet I waited so long and at the end it's PRIVET
I’m A God
I’m A God Prieš 2 val
Really this show has been on my recommendations for so long. I finally just saw what it is about and I said oof
J E.
J E. Prieš 2 val
Thanks for making this! Hopefully this spreads more awareness of what OCD really looks like; what we experience is extremely debilitating and painful. Thanks for being vulnerable. It's going to help a lot of people. 🤗🤗🤗 sending hugs!
Salvador Gonzalez
Salvador Gonzalez Prieš 2 val
If your depressed then don’t read the comments it’s that easy.
Calvin Saie
Calvin Saie Prieš 2 val
We love you lele no matter what
EnLiGhTeNME Prieš 2 val
Whoooooo carrreeesss
Daniela Cruz
Daniela Cruz Prieš 2 val
Estamos orgullosos de ti, por lo que eres y jamas dejas de ser. estas cosas no nos quitan la venda de lo que vemos en verdad, y vemos una hermosa mujer, con una esencia inreible! eso es lo más importante, viniste a brillar :) Gracias por compartirlo, ojala le ayude a otros a ver que pueden brillar como tu a pesar de ...
All about Mimi
All about Mimi Prieš 2 val
I have ocd too it’s not as severe but I did
Shadow grim
Shadow grim Prieš 2 val
All the haters that say stuff about don't feel bay I been builld before
Cutema81 Prieš 2 val
How do u have ocd when u don’t even want to take a shower?? How when u wear the same clothes ??
suavecita0810 Prieš 2 val
i would never say anything bad to you everyday i watch your videos and you make my day my biggest dream when i was 10 was to meet you im 12 now and i would still love to meet you you are my favorite.
Mariana Rodarte
Mariana Rodarte Prieš 2 val
This is so bad ass!!! ❤️❤️
harley moon
harley moon Prieš 2 val
I have OCD too and i understand ,thank you for sharing this episode,you're so brave 😘
Ethxn RBLX
Ethxn RBLX Prieš 2 val
omg watching this i can totoaly completly relate i always had to do things even times and had to do things that i dont want to i have OCD
Rachael Chevlin
Rachael Chevlin Prieš 2 val
❤️ you are incredibly strong. an inspiration.
Edwin Meza
Edwin Meza Prieš 2 val
What is ocd
Lumbago Prieš 2 val
Obsessive compulsive disorder
Sorry lele
Johnny Tan Man
Johnny Tan Man Prieš 2 val
I read it as I serve god
Blah Blah
Blah Blah Prieš 2 val
I don't like to see lele cry ☹️❤️
Mbali Dlamini
Mbali Dlamini Prieš 2 val
I always asked myself if lele is acting or actually like that real life but everything make sense now.I feel the pain🥺
GracieRoblox 26
GracieRoblox 26 Prieš 3 val
To have an influencer that I can relate to. Me listening to her talking about it is really good to listen to. I love you Lele I'm here for you even if you havent seen this comment
Tenay Anthony
Tenay Anthony Prieš 3 val
I feel really bad for you. I have OCD and it really isn't a joke. It's very irritating and hard to deal with. I hope you get better. U deserve better than how people treat you. I pray that u get better.
Shao Kahn
Shao Kahn Prieš 3 val
Fumus in aere
Fumus in aere Prieš 3 val
I love lele ever since i saw her vid. On internet . ❤️
Mary Eddie
Mary Eddie Prieš 3 val
A diamond in the rough. 💪💪💪✌✌✌
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